AMD is confident that revenue will continue to grow in the next few years: prioritizing server CPU production under stock-out situation

The lack of stock in the semiconductor industry does not seem to have been substantially improved. For AMD, which is grabbing market share and vying for the first place, how to deal with it, and what is the situation facing itself?


According to data, AMD recorded a record revenue of 9.763 billion US dollars in 2020, and AMD’s revenue has reached 7.295 billion US dollars in the first two quarters of this year. For 2021, AMD is expected to surge 60% year-on-year to achieve revenue of $15.5 billion.


At the Deutsche Bank Technology Summit, AMD CFO Devinder Kumar is confident that AMD will maintain sustained growth this year, next year and 2023. Its foundry partners, substrate suppliers, and packaging and testing all have room for growth.


However, Kumar said frankly that our higher priority is to ensure revenue share, so we will have a sequential strategy in terms of products, with server products and mobile processors ranking first, followed by high-end desktop products.


Therefore, we also see that in the desktop PC and discrete graphics market, AMD’s share in the second quarter has declined.


Especially for graphics, Kumar denied priority to ensuring the miner, he stressed Radeon GPU services are game players.

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