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The fine-tuning of a company’s computer equipment should be one of its priorities since extending its useful life can entail an extra cost and harm business activity. Over time, it is inevitable that the computer equipment of the company becomes obsolete and is not compatible with new technologies.

Next, we explain in more detail what are the reasons you should take into account to renew computer equipment and what are the most suitable for any organization, such as yours. Keep reading!


At Delfos Sistema’s we want to explain to you the reasons why you have to change your obsolete computer equipment and thus save you the cost of its continuous maintenance and repair.

The advancement of new technologies has made it clear to us that software and the requirements for it to work are advancing faster and faster. Thereforeif your computer equipment does not support the installation of updated software, you will not be able to enjoy its benefits and therefore the performance of your tasks will be impaired. In addition, the competitiveness of your organization will decrease since with an obsolete team you will not have as many facilities to adapt to the changing market as the current one.

If your computers work at a very slow pace and hang every so often, your employees will lose concentration and their productivity will decrease.

In addition, as you already know, malware and cyber-attacks are the order of the day, and it is much easier for cyber criminals to attack and steal data from old or outdated computers. For this reason, your organization, regardless of its size and sector, must invest in the renewal of the IT package to avoid the loss of all business resources.

Do you spend more time troubleshooting your devices than using them? This is another reason why your business should renew its computer equipment. Don’t let repairing apps, freezing PCs, or system crashes become your daily chores.


Now that you know what are the causes that indicate the replacement of your computer equipment, we will explain what you should focus on to choose the perfect computer for your organization.

First, be clear about the function of the computers you buy since, for example, your sales team may need a laptop to visit clients and thus teach them the projects more easily, while the administrative department may opt for a computer. Fixed because he performs his daily tasks from his job. Even so, the most common is that desktop computers are placed on work tables because employees do not need to travel to carry out their tasks and, in addition, they are generally more powerful.

When choosing the operating system, the most common thing is that companies choose Microsoft Windows because it is usually cheaper than, for example, the Mac operating system, although it is true that all this will depend on the needs of your business and of systems using existing equipment.

In terms of the speed and capacity of the equipment, the storage space of the hard drive is no longer taken into account because more and more people work in a cloud environment to store all the documents of an organization.

What is increasingly valued is RAM memory, that is, the speed with which the computer manages the data of the applications you are using at that moment. The more RAM your computers have, the faster they will manage the data and, therefore, by not having enough GB of memory, the computer will work slower.


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