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The State Council of China appoints Li Jiachao as Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary for Administration and Tang Bingqiang as Secretary for Security



According to Reuters, The State Council of China has recently decided to appoint Li Jiachao as Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary for Administration, Deng Bingqiang as Director of the Security Bureau, and Xiao Zeyi as Chief of Police.


Xinhua News Agency published a press release on Friday and stated that the State Council also decided on June 23 to remove Zhang Jianzong from the Chief Secretary for Administration, Li Jiachao from the Security Bureau, and Deng Bingqiang from the post of Chief of Police.


The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam will meet with the media at the government headquarters at 11:30 this morning.


The government structure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is headed by the Chief Executive, with three departments and 13 bureaux (Secretary of Administration, Finance, Department of Justice, and 13 policy bureaus). Carrie Lam’s term of office begins on July 1, 2017, for a period of five years. (Finish)

Adam Rice reports about Business category. Before joining, he worked as a news reporter for other publications, covering technology and health reporting. He earned his Master’s at School of Journalism, where he worked as a news reporter besides learning pertinent skills in magazine editing and interactive production. Adam worked as a reporter for an online news publication in China for two years, covering general city news; he also used to work for an international travel agency before pursuing a career in journalism. In his free time, Adam enjoys outdoor recreation, following sports of all kinds.

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Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry by Samantha Tamburello



Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry was recently released on Amazon and is soon to hit bookstores. Here is what you need to know about the new book and its author:

Samantha Tamburello, born 1996 in New York, graduated from Purchase College, State University of New York with a degree in theatre and another in playwriting and screenwriting. During that time, she released her first collection of poetry entitled “Polarwords”. Shortly thereafter a second collection of poems was born, entitled “Limitless” in 2017. Then in 2018 she released “Sweet Familiarity”, the most successful of the 3 poetry books. Following those books she was busy writing and releasing children’s books while simultaneously teaching; a grand total of 4 children’s books in 1 year! Now in the year 2021, she has returned to poetry with the release of “Fragments of the Past.”

Self-described as “an exploration of the human psyche following trauma”, the book was written during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, while Tamburello’s “emotional state was fragile” she writes. She began to process her life and mental health journey and turned it into poetry. Since the book’s release on November 5th of this year, Tamburello has already shared to social media the outpouring of love and support from readers. “Not for the faint of heart” writes one reader, another reviews the book on Amazon, “Great read for anyone looking to get in touch with untapped emotion”.

The poems chronicle a journey of loss, abuse, anxiety and depression as well as the struggles and experiences of an LGBTQ woman who has learned to accept herself.

In an interview about the release of the book, she admits “my previously published poetry books are still me, just a different stage of me. A me who refused to accept the extent of my trauma.” Perhaps this book marks a new era for Tamburello and many others looking to reconcile with the past and move forward.

You can purchase Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry on Amazon.

Richy Jones covers news and Sports category of Technology Malt. He also is interested in news in the US Football, Canadian Football sector. Jones holds Journalism Degree specialization in Sports. Writing about Sports his great passions and profession meet. He has been updating the public on various Football news and reports with regular contribution to Technology Malt.

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How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini




How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

If it’s an anniversary, a general gathering, or a college meeting, it’s the charisma of selfie rock. The once-on-a-time wall decorations of beautiful memories have been taken by the selfies, and have attracted millions when the public is tiny. It’s also a second name for capturing memories. Their selfies are seen as pride and a dream come true to everyone, with your favorite character or a sports team or a celebration.

It sends us a surge of interior harmony and achievement as we get “wow” messages on social media. Dorian Rossini, who grew to be a world-renowned electronic music artist and a professional French dancer on 13 December 1990, was raised as an ambitious child. Some say in Paris, France, and he was born.

His tracks are also composed in French and English. His songs can be found on ‘Spotify’ and YouTube music platforms. Dorian has grown into a world-famous experience following “Starmina” and the “Religious” albums. His brand new songs in French, such as “Je SuisDiew,” “L’invincible”, and others, are “‘Masculations is yeah-ya.”

He is very popular and powerful on social media, including some public appearances. He launched a website in 2010, which was made viral overnight, with over three million followers.

Dorian is a Christian. His father, a jazz guitarist, a kindergarten teacher, and his mother. He is a producer, fashion designer and manager, besides being a musician. Dorian also works with a French NGO providing cancer survivors with therapy and assistance.

Dorian Rossini’s dazzling look and elegance made the followers crazy and invoked a spirit of selfishness with the genius artist. Therefore, follow the technique to understand how to engage in the eternal remembrance of Dorian Rossini. Flying to France to Dorian is one way but not always practical.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

When you finalize Dorian’s new picture that you have chosen, the best way to get a selfie is by selecting the unique picture and following the below steps.

  • Choose an image of Dorian you want as you have several photos on the internet.
  • Next, a selfie that can be used for an authentic selfie needs to be selected.
  • You know that Photoshop is the next step towards your muse’s inspiration.
  • Delete your image backdrop
  • Place the image with Dorian Rossini
  • There you go, you managed to mix your favorite star with a selfie.

Is it not marvellous that you did not go to France and had a selfie with Dorian. It is challenging to get a Dorian autograph, although, in France, you have achieved it at home. A selfie with your favorite celebrity will add charm anywhere you display it. Few other suggestions should be considered below.

Uploading guidelines

It is crucial to be a responsible digital media user when taking selfies and posting them online. Though Dorian Rossini may be renowned, you must take precautions when dealing with online data and digital files.

The Hashtag

Many people want to hashtags nowadays. No activist, anti-socialist, racist, or negative feeling should come out from hashtags. It is important to use the main hashtags to advertise your website or Instagram’s products and services. You don’t want to share a general hashtag without the big chance of being viewed by the target group.

Avoiding politics in Selfies.

In some cases, social network consumers, including leaders, express online dismay, anxiety and menaces against policymakers through their smartphones and social media accounts. Recall that many have been incarcerated for such offences. Just postpositive, inspiring selfies and empowerment as much as possible. Be a good impact on people rather than seeking immediate popularity and sending fake reports.

Strangers in the background

Every person has the right to privacy. Regardless of what foreigners do, it would be best to consider their privacy and post pictures of yourself or people who encourage you to do so.

The Second thought

Several social media users update their Facebook or Instagram Accounts immediately with pictures taken by smartphones. A responsible digital media customer has to check unnecessary things before posting photos online to avoid this issue.

The verdict

Trends in social media demonstrate that everything attracts publicity because this is not the case with any ordinary person. We like to deviate from experience, however, whether it is good or bad.

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Real instant growth of Instagram



Instagram is one of the most popular apps. Because Instagram has millions of active users, people are transferring their businesses there. As we all know, the more followers you have, the higher your profile will rank, and you will appear on the top page. If you want your profile to be ranked, you can use  Followers Gallery. These aren’t automated followers. This is a group of genuine persons. Your audience will increase organically and swiftly.


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Sometimes we hire someone who grows our account, but they use bots to grow. But Followers Gallery offers you real and active users. Your likes increase with your followers. All followers and preferences will be sent out in a reasonable amount of time and will grow organically. No chance of getting banned or punished.


Security and Privacy


Here, you will have a more secure user experience. Followers Gallery uses the best security system. It is entirely safe, as skilled personnel guards it. There are no viruses. There isn’t any leaking. We respect and safeguard your privacy. Only you have access to all of your information.


Instagram followers and likes 100% FREE


At the Followers Gallery, you may get 100 percent free Instagram followers and likes. You will receive a large number of virtual coins after successfully entering the program. These coins can be used to get an endless number of free followers and likes. In addition, the Followers Gallery offers you a large number of points for accomplishing basic activities.


Professional team


Followers Gallery is developed and  run by an experienced and professional team. That mainly focuses specifically on social media. Application quality and security are guaranteed you will get accurate and instant followers and likes on your posts. You can download and use the app without any worry.


Fast delivery

Real followers and likes will be delivered to your Instagram account immediately upon completion of purchase. You can also check the delivery process in the Followers Gallery app. If you want to grow your account fastly, you can buy Instagram followers.


24-hour customer service


Customer service is the Followers Gallery’s highest priority. If you encounter any problems using the app, you can contact us anytime by email or visit our Common Questions pages. You can contact us any time. Our team will give you a response within a reasonable time.




We all want to increase the number of people who follow us on Instagram. Followers Gallery is a website that allows you to gain free Instagram followers and likes right away. You may buy Instagram followers as well as call and Instagram followers. You may also buy followers for your account if you want more. Your account will increase at no cost to you. Points can earn to help you promote your account. in slacks, You may instantly enable and gain more followers and likes for no cost.


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