Ace Youtuber And Trader Carl Eric Martin Runefelt Lays Out Key Reasons Why Businesses Should Accept Cryptocurrency As A Form Of Payment

Carl Eric Martin always says that it was bitcoin that chose him rather him choosing it and today has completely transformed his life for the better.


It was more than a decade ago when cryptocurrency had entered the markets. At the initial stage, just like any new introduction, it took time for it to create that momentum and make people aware of the power it can have across nations as digital assets. Since around two years today, cryptocurrency is slowly and steadily becoming more and more mainstream, which is good news for many industries. Hence, it is time to accept cryptocurrency like bitcoin with open arms as a form of payment, believes Carl Eric Martin Runefelt, an ace YouTuber and trader who has been creating a lot of buzz with his passion and knowledge about bitcoin through his YouTube channel, ‘The Moon’.

Ace Youtuber And Trader Carl Eric Martin Runefelt Lays Out Key Reasons Why Businesses Should Accept Cryptocurrency As A Form Of Payment

Some of the key reasons that Carl Eric Martin gives that he believes businesses should consider accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment include:


  • Instant transactions:When payments happen virtually about digital assets like bitcoin, the transactions are always very instant. In contrast, in cases of bank transfers, a person may have to wait for days for funds to get cleared but, with cryptocurrency transactions, everything happens in real-time.
  • Fraud prevention:It is a common story for online sellers where chargebacks happen against payments for buying any goods or services. This results in people paying for things that they did not have money for and then even reclaim the money, ultimately to retain the purchase. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain system work similarly to cash for preventing this by stopping a person not having funds for making the transaction, eliminating chargebacks and frauds.
  • Lesser abandoning of carts:Many times, it happens that customers do not get their preferred payment method. In such cases, with cryptocurrency payments, businesses can help reduce customer’s abandoning of carts and expanding payment options for customers. This would result in a drop in cart abandonment.
  • No transaction fees:One of the best things about cryptocurrencies according to Carl Eric Martin is the fact that unlike banks which have processing fees for transactions, cryptocurrencies most of the time does not have any transaction fees. This saves a lot of money for businesses which they can invest somewhere else.


The above points and many such similar information and knowledge is what Carl Eric Martin keeps spreading across all his subscribers on his YouTube channel, which has doubled people’s trust on him as a professional trader and educationist on bitcoin across social media platforms.


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