Raring to reach the top of the music industry is a young, talented music artist named, Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken aka YB Stainz

YB Stainz comes from East Toronto in Scarborough from the Malvern community. He was always a motivated person and had an inclination towards music from the start. Rap and Dancehall music was where YB Stainz saw his heart hooked onto and thus, focused all his energies on making unique pieces for his passion and for serving something different to the audiences. He later moved out to the Greater Toronto Area, also known as the GTA in York Region as he believed he could disrupt the music scene in Canada for the better and that’s what he did. His songs, ‘You Gotta Get Your Knowledge Up’, ‘Big Dreams’, & ‘Ten Toes Down’ got famous and the audience could resonate with his songs which proves the talent that YB Stainz owns as a high-performing and passionate music artist, who is par excellence with his skills in rapping, singing and song writing.


YB Stainz’s initial story of his music career is quite an interesting one, growing up in a neighbourhood which was famous for its illegal activities took the better of him, which led him under house arrest back in 2015. On one such night, he had a dream where he was making a music video, singing his song and the beat and lyrics were so profound and touching that the pressure of the song woke him up. YB Stainz realized that it was the supreme power letting him know that he must get out of his troubles and utilize his skills in music. Thereafter he took his passion seriously and kept working hard to learn more about music and level up his skills in the same. Today, YB Stainz is an emerging Canadian – Jamaican music artist who has bowled over audiences and listeners with his rap, dancehall, singing, and song writing.

He says “If anything that ever attracted me all my life, then it was the world of music. Music is something that gave me wings to follow my passion and helped me hustle to be on top of the industry, one day”.

To know more about this musical talent, visit his website – or follow him on Instagram@yb.stainz.


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